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Welcome to the pain!

January 27, 2010

I suppose that some folks think that watching a football game, PBR in hand, and then playing poker all night is fun.  I just don’t happen to be one of them.  Type 1 fun is the perfect blue wax day, a winter climb of Mount Washington with no wind, a road ride with no potholes, Bolton-Trapps with nice fresh powder.  The day might be hard, but just as you’re getting warm on the descent to Lake Morena, someone offers you a beer.  Its just fun. 

Type 3 fun is not fun.  Not one bit.  The 2009 Vermont 50 was Type 3 fun.  It torrentially rained overnight.  Water pooled in fresh horse tracks, saturating the singletrack beyond any reason.  Humid fog made visibility in the early morning hours marginal.  Finish times were 15-20% longer than normal, and there were record DNFs.  35 miles in, my questionable rear wheel blew up, causing a $500 repair bill.  I wished that I had just stayed home.

Type 2 fun might not seem like fun in the moment, but the memory of the pain fades easily, leaving only a warm sense of accomplishment.  And it makes for a good story.  There were no major injuries, physical or psychological.  Sometimes what should have been Type 1 fun turns to Type 2 thanks to the merciless interference of the weather gods.  Sometimes the speed or distance required pushes your endurance tolerance.  The Canadian Ski Marathon is a perfect example:  165K classic ski in two days, camping out overnight.  I always find skiing into dawn to be peaceful and magical, but by day two, when you’re herringboning up the Bobsled Hill with no kick wax, when you’re sick of honey water and ice glazed downhills, then its Type 2 fun.  It hurts.  Someone of ordinary willpower would just bail.  But you keep on going, and that first shockingly carbonated swig of beer washes away all the regret.

Type 2 fun is like tapdancing right on your aerobic threshold.  Stay tuned.

Credit for invention of fun typing goes to intrepid arctic biker Nancy Fresco.  Foo!

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  1. January 27, 2010 11:52 PM

    So we’re watching the Super Bowl at my house then?

    Nice start to your blog, Dave. Looking forward to reading more – especially if I am involved in the fun. I am having a hard time thinking of any type 3 fun I’ve had … Jr High maybe? does that count as type3 fun?

    • January 28, 2010 12:04 AM

      If everyone is on a trainer, sounds like a plan.

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