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Sweetness at Trapps

January 31, 2010

Andrew Tripp and I were eager for fresh tracks, so headed out early to the Trapp Family Lodge.  While Montpelier and Craftsbury had gotten a blowing 2″ on Wednesday, Bolton through Stowe had gotten a foot, so we were looking forward to nice conditions.  When we took off on Sugar Road at 8:15, it was -1F, but we were pretty sure it would warm up nicely as morning progressed.  My fresh Toko Blue LF and Swix special blue were dead on, and we enjoyed freshies everywhere we went.  Even though my alpine skiing skills are *ahem* lousy, I pulled off a couple of clean parallel turns down Bobcat.  The surface was that forgiving.  We saw a few college kids warming up for a time trial down on the race loop, but we mostly stayed high and out of the fray.

After three hours I refueled inside with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and my regular salted lemonade.  Andrew headed back out in low gear to haul Zoe+Chariot up to the cabin while I motored on a variation of the morning’s route.  After 5.5 hours it was time to head back to the family.  That was definitely the longest ski I’ve done in preparation for the Canadian Ski Marathon, now only two weeks away.  I felt hungry, but strong.  Lexi said something about being “not tired yet?”, when I hopped on the trainer for an hour after dinner.

After Linnaea’s nap we moseyed over to the Fire and Ice winter festival at the North Branch Nature Center.  I was excited to find someone reciting The Cremation of Sam McGee, however the substitution of “toiled” for “moiled” was a bit hard to swallow.  The highlight was definitely the bonfire topped with a cluster of well dried cast-off Christmas trees.  When the flames got up there….Kapow!

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