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GPSing the Burrows Trail on Camel’s Hump

February 2, 2010

Back in the fall, before the snow flew, I spent a day trailrunning with GPS, to capture tracks of all the trails on the eastern side of Camel’s Hump for a shiny new map being published by the Green Mountain Club.  The existing trail data was sketchy at best, despite the fact that the trails had been around for a long time.  When you’ve got a GPS unit, the solution is pretty obvious.  Today I met Pete Antos-Ketcham at the Burrows trailhead to complete the project just in time for the map to hit the press.  I headed up the Burrows Trail while he ventured up the Forest City Trail towards Montclair Glen Lodge.  The recent thaw had solidified the snowpack considerably, so it was just a steep jog.  59 minutes later I emerged at the hut clearing on the north side of the summit.  I threw on my Patagonia puff and made the quick climb above treeline to tag the summit.

Clouds streamed over Mt. Mansfield to the north.  A moderate breeze kept it crisp.  I took a nice deep breath, headed back to the hut clearing, had a quick drink, stowed my jacket, and headed back down.

Pete arrived back at his truck a couple of minutes after I arrived, just as I was rooting through my pack looking for snacks.  I had left them on the kitchen counter.  Bollux.

Its interesting to see the new dark GPS track overlaid on the “old” data.

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  1. M. Grimm permalink
    March 5, 2012 10:23 AM

    Dave, we’ve been climbing Camel’s Hump every March (this will be our 3rd year) and I enjoyed your photos and map. It is interesting that the GPS trail deviates so much from what is on the original map.

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