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CSM Recovery

February 18, 2010

Recovering from the CSM takes a few days, 160K is a long way!  One reason I like skiing is that recovering really isn’t that bad, especially relative to what a running a marathon take out of you.  My careful electrolyte consumption and solid training certainly worked in my favor this year.  No lost toenails!  (At least one of those seemed standard when Lexi and I first did Bronze.)  No cramps at the end of the day, and I even enjoyed three beers at Robert and Veronica’s Sunday night.  My elbows were the most sore part of my body, from all the double poling.  My groin was next.  Perhaps thanks to regular CrossFit core strengthening, my back was completely fine.  Catching up on sleep was the primary issue.

My significant speed improvement over previous CSMs I attribute to a number of things:

Much greater endurance base from biking miles last year
Repeated “sweet spot” intervals and tempo intervals on the bike trainer
CrossFit core strengthening
Bringing along eight quarts of my homebrewed electrolyte drink mix

Mellow temperatures clearly helped to make it pleasant too.

Monday was a rest/travel day spent buying and eating St. Viatur bagels from Montreal.  Tuesday I did an easy (really!) hour on the trainer, which felt like just the right intensity.  Wednesday Lexi went to Mansfield in search of snow and I skated a fast Bear Run loop.  I still have no idea how to skate uphill without getting my heart rate wicked high.  Perhaps tonight I’ll bust out the classic skis and see how I can rejuvenate them.

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