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Winter, oh where art thou?

February 23, 2010

Sure, maybe its an El Nino year; dry arctic air is just hanging around like a chunk of klister on the nose wipe part of your good gloves.  Every shred of snow-laden Nor’easter is getting booted offshore and we’re getting nuthin.  Eric at Morse Farm said that if we get one inch of snow, “its all hands on deck!”  The snowpack is a couple of measly inches, and nordic skiing events are getting reinvented left and right.  The Groomed Trail Challenge at Jackson XC, which would have been upward of 130K on their 93K network, was outright canceled.  The local Maple Onion 15K morphed into a 1.4K sprint.  I have to look on the bright side and figure that a dry winter will lead to a brief mud season, which will make the spring dirt road riding season come early and firm.

Morse Farm, East Montpelier, VT

With sunny skies and temperatures in the high 30s, I got the bike off the trainer and hit the road.  Montpelier-Waterbury-Duxbury-Moretown-Montpelier.  A nice 33 mile route with a good climb.  I must have had the wind at my back at the start because it felt fast.  After the mindlessness of the trainer, it will take a ride or two to get used to the ordinary variation of pitch and road surface again.

33 miles
mountain wheels

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