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Chariot hauling

March 3, 2010

Sunday we met three other families at the Trapp Family Lodge for a fun skiing play date, at least that’s how we sold it to the kids, ages 2-4. For the adults, it meant hauling a sometimes laden Chariot or other ski pulk up the persistent 800′ climb to the Slayton Cabin. Its classic resistance training. Prospective Charioteers: note that its a lot smoother for both driver and passenger to skate.

After a glide free climb, Andrew and I parked the vehicles and let Linnaea and Zoe scramble inside with moms and we headed out for a quick loop: Haul Road-Oslo-Slayton Pasture and back. Gliding uphill felt nice. It was also satisfying to keep up with him a bit better on the climbs than in December; I’ve clearly figured out the basics of how to skate up hills.

The kids had a great time inside eating black bean soup with fresh homemade bread, warming up by the fire, and sharing various kiddie nibbles. On the way down we went very different speeds, as the kids were able and interested to ski and/or ride.  For the moment I can snowplow on a dime while being pushed downhill by the Chariot.  Perhaps next year Linnaea will become a fearless ski bomb.

Cruising down the 40 Year trail at Trapps

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