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Fleche New England 2009

March 4, 2010

Its official!  It wasn’t just a ride-in-the-rain-through-the-night fantasy [nightmare].  Yep, 412K in 24 hours.  Fleche rules were rather specific about sleeping and breaks: no stopping for more than 2 hours, no arriving early.  In short, you had to ride for 24 hours.  It wasn’t all that fast, we averaged 15.5 mph during the day, and slacked off at night so that our final average was 14.5 mph.  You’re just on the bike a long time.

In the words of teammate Steve Barner, “suitable for framing, or wrapping fish”.

Team WWMD, Westfield to Westfield Mega Distance, Bob Dillon, Dave Blumenthal, Steve Barner at the start

We had fabulous timing and found ourselves under cover in Plainfield, eating yummy Positive Pie pizza, for the duration of a brief downpour. Then southward ho!

Somewhere south of Woodstock, early in the night (its dark, but not raining,...yet). My Ay-up lights kick the wattage out of Bob's Niterider setup. And the 6 hour batteries were fine for 7.5 hours. No battery change!

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