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Road season begins

March 5, 2010

In planning my winter and spring training, I never figured that I’d be out on the road any significant time in early March.  However, I headed out the front door on February 22nd intending to head over to The Confluence for a CrossFit workout, and was hit in the face with warm sunlight and a blue sky.  I turned right around to fish around for my pump and all the other junk I regularly carry on a ride.  Getting a flat while on the trainer is not exactly something I prepare for.

I rode from home in Montpelier to Waterbury, then over Duxbury Gap on Rt 100a, and back through Moretown.  A nice 33 mile loop in 1:50.  After a winter of regular trainer riding, being on a genuine road felt a bit weird.  Road bumps, hills, and headwind are things that don’t happen when I’m in front of the computer watching episodes of Homicide.

At Wednesday’s 5K classic club race at Craftsbury, the conditions were thin on the corners and potato-y on the downhills.  Our crew of Onion River Nordic folks brought along heat guns, propane torches, and all manner of klister.  The Swix red klister I nabbed from John Lazenby at the last minute made for excellent skating, which is to say I had to herringbone jog even the lamest uphills.  I finished in 17:52.  I kept skiing until the carpool needed to depart, and began to feel my elbow tendinitis creeping back.  I had thought about joining some other folks to make the trek over for the Rangely 50K race on Saturday, but when klister isn’t working for me, and the elbows are getting cranky, I think its time to call it biking season.

Today for my fourth road ride of the season Linnaea demanded that we ride to the Red Hen Bakery in Middlesex.  It was in the mid 20s, but I’m never going to deny her a zippy Chariot ride, so we got her bundled up with books, turtle, and green fleece blanket, and headed out.  Lo and behold, who did we encounter at Red Hen, but Randy, Dave, and Bob planning out the 2010 Fleche route from Warren to Mystic, CT.  Somehow I managed to refuel with pain au chocolat and maple glazed sticky bun.

Niner with Chariot

Back from a successful ride to the Red Hen Baking Company for much needed pain au chocolat.

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  1. March 5, 2010 8:13 PM

    The part of the story where you agreed on the spot to join us and signed up for the 2010 NE Fleche got cut off?

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