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Century #1

March 7, 2010

Saturday was a darn nice day.  14F at 7am, but a warm sun took care of that promptly.  I had been thinking about riding to Burlington to do some “Tax free day” shopping, but Dave Tremblay suggested that sharing Williston Road with every car in Chittenden County packed with refrigerators might not be pleasant.  His alternative was to ride to Rochester.  Having fond memories of an Ultimate Brownie Sundae on the porch of the Rochester Cafe some years ago, I was convinced.

I loaded my Camelbak with warm electrolyte drink and headed out Rt 100b.  Dave and I met near the swimming hole and headed south.  Between 100a and the southern Sugarbush access road, there were plenty of ski toting cars, but then it got quiet.  The ride through the Granville Gulf Reservation was lovely.  It was a steady quick descent through Granville and Hancock to Rochester, where the bookstore/bakery was closed.  Until April 1st!  I was a bit too hungry to hang around quite that long, so we parked the bikes on the porch of the Rochester Cafe and went inside for a snack.

Cheese danish.  Brownie.  Oh, and a maple milk shake sounds good.  My dessert memory kicked in and I got an Ultimate Bread Pudding: warm bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, caramel drizzle, and walnuts.  I put it all down in a couple of minutes while Dave ate a danish and a cup of tea.  Yep, I’m not on the Paleo diet.

Climbing northbound up Granville Gulf, photo by David Tremblay

Next time I’m in Rochester, I’ll definitely have bread pudding, but perhaps hold the ice cream and whipped cream.  My stomach gurgled for a good long time, churning its was through the sugar and fat.  A nice civilized sandwich would have done just fine.

“The other Dave” and I parted ways in Moretown and I paced Paul Falcone and friend back to Montpelier.  Eager to chalk up the season’s first century ride, I climbed the five miles up to Wrightsville Reservoir, and zoomed back downhill to round out the day.

100.2 miles
17.4 mph average
5:45:20 moving time

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  1. March 8, 2010 2:58 PM

    On the other hand – my danish and tea was long gone by the time I reach the bottom of the Granville Gulf. Interesting to note that at mile 70 when I left to go the 2.3 miles home my average speed said 17.2 mph – when I got home it had bogged down to 15.9 mph while you only got faster!

  2. March 8, 2010 6:07 PM

    I think what you’re omitting is that you waded through mud uphill to get home while I joined up with two other guys and took turns pulling to Montpelier.

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