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Century #4: Mad River Century

March 21, 2010

Today’s ride began as a freeform concept and mutated into a rather ordinary century ride.  After two rest days I was eager to put in more miles, but being on the Board of Directors of the Green Mountain Club, today was board meeting day, so I came up with a creative plan to ride before and after the meeting.  I arranged with another director with a bike rack to pick me up somewhere between Bethel and the junction of Rts 12/107 and 100/107.  I’d ride down early in the morning, attend the meeting, and then ride some portion of the 95 miles back home as seemed reasonable at the time.

I departed at 6:39am, delayed briefly by having to manually light our wood pellet furnace since the automatic igniter was acting crotchety.  I had my lights charged up and ready to go, but by the time I actually hit the road, there was enough light out that I felt plenty safe, so I stashed the battery pack in my frame bag.  I knew that it was a gradual climb southbound on Rt 12 until the height of land south of Northfield, but it was still annoying to see my average speed so low.  My legs were hardly 100% after my long ride on Wednesday, but I kept on spinning.  I turned onto Rt 107 at 8:42, 35.5 miles done.

I hoped that my ride was behind me and would catch up shortly, but after a few minutes I gave up such hope.  Sure enough, 10 miles later I reached the junction of 100 and 107 and found nobody cheerfully waiting for me.  I guessed (later to be confirmed), that the car had been perhaps one minute ahead of me in Bethel, and gained time en route to Rt 100, such that they didn’t want to wait, and left without me.  I waited in the middle of the intersection until 10am, gave up, and rode north towards snacks at the Rochester Cafe.

With a vivid memory of my hyper-dairy experience of last week, I calmly ordered the local version of a breakfast burrito and chatted with a couple of local riders about the Tour Divide.  It was rather notable how yummy the burrito was, how well it sat in my stomach over the remaining 45 miles, and how strong I felt.  Perhaps my body prefers to operate long distance with plenty of real food in the tank.

On the way home there must have been a substantial tailwind, because I was above 20mph most of the time.  Once home, I was quite happy to polish off the remaining blueberry muffins.  In the afternoon I brewed a batch of Strong Rye Ale, kegged a batch of Raspberry Wheat, and bottled a batch of Belgian Strong Ale.

100 miles
5:38 moving time
17.8 mph moving average

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