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Skiing King Ravine

March 21, 2010

Here’s a guest posting from Eric Scharnberg, local skier and Executive Director of the Cross Vermont Trail Association.

One of the longest continuous ski runs in eastern North America, Mount Adams has 4,500’ of skiable vertical if you ski from the summit cone to the Appalachia parking lot on Rte 2.  We did not actually ski from the summit yesterday, but we did do 1.5 runs in the Seven, which is the main chute in the King Ravine.

The “aerial photo” is a picture of us climbing up the Seven (dots at the top) taken by a woman who lives at around 2000’ elevation on the other side of Route 2 in Randolph, NH, using a high-powered telescope with camera attachment.

It was a beautiful day, with nice, soft snow. Conditions in the chute (aka “The Seven” or “Great Gully”) were about 4-6” of immature corn on top of firm snow – quite skiable.  The adventure went without any problems, the most dangerous part of the trip being the 3.5-mile ski out on a 5-foot-wide hiking trail in a full snowplow while crouched over with branches hitting us in the face, due to the snow being so deep.

Eric Scharnberg

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  1. November 5, 2010 1:48 AM

    Thank you, you answered a question we had out here in Colorado, whether you could ski King Ravine or not. Looks like fun, we’re jealous.

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