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April 17, 2010

When its the cold and gnarly version of Vermont spring and its time to train, there’s only one solution…suck it up!

I put my front Shockblade fender on the bike.  I layered up with leg warmers, Rainmates, arm warmers, silnylon rain jacket, fleece mittens, and Mountain Laurel Designs eVENT rain mitts.  I met Andrew and John at the shop and we headed out “for as long as we could tolerate”.  Not a very sophisticated plan, but given the weather conditions, asking for more seemed unrealistic.  The forecast was grim: some combination of cold rain and/or snow.  Unfortunately the precipitation never turned to snow, it remained rain, either light or steady rain.  Yum.

I met Andrew and John at 12:30pm, brilliant eh?

We rode out Rts 2 and 100b and opted to head up App Gap.  My legs were really tired from giving myself very little rest after the Fleche, and perhaps mostly because of the CrossFit workout “Karen” (20# medicine ball throw to 10′, x150, in 5:30) I did yesterday.  A couple of miles up App Gap, where the pitch starts to get serious, I shifted into the little chainring.  That hooked chainring has seen enough action for one lifetime, and sucked vigorously.  I had to stop to disassemble the chain to get it unstuck, during which time I got pretty cold, so after a 90% fix, John and Andrew caught back up with me and we rolled down to Stark Mountain Bike Works.  While Dave tweaked the chain back into happiness, Andrew grabbed a hot cocoa for me from the gas station.

The rain and cold road spray continued all the way home.  Hot showers are a wonderful thing!  And so should be the nice Action-Tec titanium 64BCD 20 tooth chainring that’s on the way.

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