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Holy wind gusts, Batman!

April 29, 2010

Yesterday we got our biggest snowstorm since January. Pathetic, but it might actually be true. 3″ wet inches of gook in town and a foot or more elsewhere made the daffodils flop over in submission. It was a fine day for CrossFit, a trainer ride, and of course, a snowman!

Montpelier, VT on April 28th

By mid-morning today it was pretty much all gone.

Today’s ride was the familiar Mad River Century loop, clockwise.  Paved, yes, but the dirt roads probably need another few hours to dry out from the recent frozen diarrhea.  All was just fine until I turned west on Rt 107.  The headwind was fierce and annoyingly gusty, so it wasn’t even practical to seek shelter in the aero bars.  The situation didn’t improve when I turned north onto Rt 100.  On this terrain I’d usually average 17.5mph.  With the wind I was often going only 10mph.  That’s really not a way to get anywhere promptly, and it soon became obvious that I was going to wildly miss my appointed return home for dinner and an evening work gig teaching Backcountry Cooking for the Green Mountain Club.  In Hancock I hitched a ride north for a couple of miles, where I encountered this snowman.  Its really quite peculiar, surrounded by green lawn and zero snow.

In Granville I saw a car with two bike rack trays on the side of the road, rolled over, and yogied a ride north on 100.  It turned out to be an absurdly easy sell, as the guys were Scott and Robert of the 100on100, a 100 mile relay running race on Rt 100.  They were out with their computer gear scoping out transition zones for the event.  They gave me a ride to Waitsfield, from where I had a reasonable amount of time to make it home for dinner.  Thanks!

Ride stats:
78.6 miles
15.4 mph average
5:06 hours

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  1. Heather permalink
    April 30, 2010 8:03 AM

    Glad you survived the wind – I was thinking of you and anyone else out on a bike as I was on the way home getting tossed around IN MY CAR! Also glad that my shout out in downtown Randolph didn’t cause you an accident. So random and fun to see you out there!

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