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Central Vermont Cycling Tour route preview

April 30, 2010

Coming June 27th is the Central Vermont Cycling Tour.  While there will be 15 and 30 mile routes, the best is the 60 mile route.  Its definitely not for the faint of heart…or leg.  The version I rode today not having bothered to look at the map to make sure I got it right, had 6025′ of climbing in 53 miles.  Morse Farm, Adamant, Nelson Pond, long climbs in Woodbury and Worcester, Maple Corner, Bear Swamp…its all great.  The finest dirt road riding we’ve got to offer in these parts.

Here are a couple of pictures:

Old West Church, Calais

Barn/bridge on Tebbetts Road, Woodbury

In case you care about Geocaching, GC183FK is very near here.

Ride stats:
56.9 miles
13.6 mph moving average
4:11 overall time
no stops
6025′ gain

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  1. May 7, 2010 7:33 AM

    While you were out on this “tourist ride” I did a real training ride with 4 gaps:
    Moretown Mt
    deep down in to Devil’s Washbowl
    Raynor Gap
    Braintree Gap
    Middlebury Gap

    53.11 mi (19.08 mi uphill, 21.70 mi downhill, 12.26 mi flat)

    6081 ft total ascent (6910 ft descent) – 9.0 % uphill grade, 8.9 % downhill grade

    I guess I coulda stayed close to home!

  2. May 7, 2010 7:46 AM

    Don’t be a tellin’ me that West Hill Rd from Minister Brook ain’t a training climb! Especially since my front little ring is so worn I can’t use it, so I’m stuck with a low gear of 32×34. New frame will show up shortly, and then I’ll put all new rings on and be in happy land.

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