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Central Vermont Cycle Tour: Preview #2

May 6, 2010

I was optimistic that by the time I began today’s ride that the spotty weather would have run its course and moved on to other places. However, by the time I had climbed up County Road as far as Mary’s house, I could see yet another threatening wall of clouds in the vicinity of Camel’s Hump and blowing this-a-way. Oh well.

Much like on April 30th, my goal was to cover as much of the CVCT loop as possible before running out of time.  The advantage of looping around the roads here is that I know then reasonably well and there are innumerable ways of shortening or lengthening the route to achieve that end.

Three or four times on my northward wandering rainclouds gently moistened me, and looking back I expected more of a righteous deluge.  Either by happening to ride in the right direction, or by some other form of luck, each time within minutes it was sunny again.

Wilbur Rd, Woodbury

Mirror Lake, Calais

Dog Pond Rd, Woodbury

As I climbed West Hill Road from Worcester to Middlesex, the impending cloud situation became quite a bit more dense and ominous.  Descending through the forested tunnel of the rough South Bear Swamp Road, I couldn’t be sure how much dry time I had left.  Menacing raindrops began as I turned onto Molly Supple Hill.  It was raining in earnest as I flew down Culver Hill Rd, the last dirt of the day.  My eyes, fortunately one at a time, stung painfully from something.  With sweat salt and cheapo Rite Aid sunscreen being washed down my head, and road mud spraying everywhere,who’s to say what the culprit was.  Tomorrow, when my head and helmet have had the chance to dry, I’ll visit Onion River Sports and pick out a large brimmed nylon hat I can wear under the helmet.  Little biker hats are chic and nifty, but in my opinion their brims are too short to effectively protect me from sun and rain.

West Hill Rd, Worcester

South Bear Swamp Rd, Middlesex

Ride stats:
57.7 miles
4:23 moving time
13.1 mph moving average
6520′ elevation gain

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