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Mount Montpelier?

May 16, 2010

There is no Mount Montpelier, at least in my town there isn’t. However, with the Tour Divide training window coming to a close sometime soon, with a bit of persistent idiocy, I invented a simulation.  Being in a valley means that most directions you can ride are uphill.  So, ride up every darn hill in town:

Northfield Street
Hill Street
Berlin Street
Phelps Street (short but wowzers its steep!)
Wheelock Street
Gallison Hill Road
Towne Hill Road from Rt 2
Liberty Street
Main Street/County Road to Cummings
Lincoln Avenue and looping through the St. Augustine’s Cemetery
North Street to where it levels out
Gould Hill Road
Winter Street to the Tower
Terrace Street
East State Street

Some of these climbs are pretty ordinary, but Phelps Street is outrageously steep.  You’d best be in the right gear when you hit it or you simply won’t get anywhere.  Taken as a whole, it was a peculiar feeling to have almost no flat terrain where I could just cruise.  Sure, I can hammer up a small climb or two, but with this much climbing in such a modest distance, I was forced to sit down and work through each bump.  It was a tough workout, and probably excellent for technique as well.

Ride stats:
37.2 miles
5300′ elevation gain
3:10 ride time

Note that that’s like climbing App Gap from Rt 100, THREE times, in less distance, and without the valley commute.

St. Augustine's Cemetary, at the top of Lincoln Ave

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  1. July 25, 2010 5:05 PM

    done! thanks for the ride, dave.

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