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I grew up day/section hiking the Appalachian Trail, and have by now done about 900 miles.  A few years ago I polished off the New England Hundred Highest, a peakbagging list of notable and distinctly not notable peaks in VT, NH, and ME.  I’m steadily working on the same as winter ascents.  In 2000 I solo end-to-end hiked the Long Trail in Vermont (270 miles).  In 2004 my wife, Lexi, and I thru-hiked the PCT in a disaster-free and ordinary 5 months. 

On Donahue Pass, PCT, High Sierras

Since coming to Vermont 10 years ago, I’ve taken up cross country skiing, and am a devotee of the Canadian Ski Marathon, a ~165km 2-day event between Montreal and Ottawa.  This year I’ll be doing Couerer de Bois D’Or for the 4th time.  For that you pack overnight gear and camp out Saturday night.

Sunset at the CSM

I had previously done centuries, the VT50, and whatnot, but in 2009 ramped up my cycling with a series of longer rides:
Fleche New England (255 miles in 24 hours)
Champlain 300K
ACA’s Green Mountain Loop (362 miles in 2 1/2 days)

Groundshine and I began to scout a ~600 mile dirt loop in Vermont.
It will probably take another year or two for the trouble spots to get ironed out, but its great fun to explore on this scale so close to home.

Tour Divide for 2010. 

Trip reports always at

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